The Quietest Generator for 2020

Do you wish to have a generator that will make no noise while running? We present you the quietest portable generator on the market


Quietest Generator in 2017

Having a generator most times means that you have to listen to that unbearable noise that generator produces. But if you are not looking for huge generator,that produces a lot of power and noise, then you should consider getting a quiet one. Looking for quiet generator does not mean that the noise level is only thing that should be considered. Sure it is the main thing. But quality, price and features should also be considered. While searching we have found that Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ is the quietest. It is also relatively cheap and provides enough power. It is perfect for home use, RV and for camping.

Smarter Tools STAP-2000iQ
1600 Running Watts/2000 Surge Watts
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Champion Power Equipment 73536i
1700 Running Watts/2000 Surge Watts
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Champion Power Equipment 75537i
2800 Running Watts/3100 Surge Watts
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Honda EU2000I
1600 Running Watts/2000 Surge Watts
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Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ is 2000 watt gasoline powered generator that produces 1600
watts when running. It is equipped with Yamaha MZ80 engine. It has 1.1 gallon tank and with full tank it can run for 8 hours (50% load). It is very portable, it weighs only 47 pounds and it has a big carrying handle. Smarter Tools STAP-2000iQ is the best quiet generator for the money. It is perfect for RV because it noise level is low and it won’t disturb the peace and quietness while you are somewhere in the wilderness.

Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ Review

Quiet Portable Generator
Quiet Portable Generator

Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ produces only 51dB noise level. When we compare noise level with Generac 6866 iQ2000 Ultra Quiet generator which produces from 66dB to 71dB we see why it has the title of the quietest portable generator. When it is turned on, the only sound that you hear is the muffler. One might think that Honda motors are quieter, but this generator proves different. The big secret behind this quietness is a super-quiet muffler with spark arrestor. The muffler makes it possible to talk in near proximity of the generator. That is not possible with most of the generators. Getting a generator that is quiet will not provide you with a lot of power. A lot of power requires bigger motors, and bigger motors produce more noise. That is why Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ is equipped with option of working in parallel with another AP-2000iQ for 3000 sustained watts. This is a good option if you need more power and you still want a small quiet generator.

This generator is number 1 when i comes to quiet generators for this price, with the price much lower than similar generators. It has Pure Sine Wave technology is great for sensitive electronics like laptops, TV or smartphone. The only downside of this amazing generator is that it has no electric start, but it should start with first pull. STAP-2000iQ has ECON mode (Smart Throttle) and that extends running time. It is also loaded with some nice features like fuel gauge, USB charging outlet, LED indicator lights and self venting gas cap. This generators motor, Yamaha MZ80, has the longest engine life ratings issued by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You should check the oil like for any other generator, but this one has low oil shutdown system which prevents engine damage and provides peace of mind.

If you are looking for efficient generator that is also affordable Smarter Tools AP-2000iQ is for you. It is the quietest small generator without a doubt. It has the best CARB and EPA ratings and it produces far less noise than any other generator. With the parallel operation option you are not limited to 1600 watts. But one should power the most needed appliances with no issue. It costs less than similar generators and customer satisfaction is amazing. Check it out on Amazon!

If noise is not something that bothers you, and you need more power, then you should check out our other guides and reviews and you will find what you need. If there is something that you want to ask us, feel free to contact us.