Best Solar Generator 2020

Going green or just being able to use free energy. Finding the best solar generator is the way to go


Best Solar Generator 2016

Solar powere is a best solution if you want to go green or just go offgrid. Living in an apartment is not suitable for most generator users. That is why the only option for power outages is going solar. The best solar generator is Goal Zero Yeti 400.

Goal Zero Yeti – The Best Solar Generator

solar generator
solar generator

When we think of solar power the first thing that comes in our mind are fields of solar panels. We can thank Goal Zero for taking that technology and putting it in a small package. That got us Goal Zero Yeti 400. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator comes with 20 watt solar power which some people find small, but there is always an option of upgrading. It has 400 watt capacity and that will provide you with 30+ charges of your smartphone or 3-5 charges of your laptop. If that is not enough for your needs there is also Goal Zero Yeti 1250, which should be enough for powering high power use appliances. If you think that you should spend insane amounts of money on the best solar generator, you are wrong. Goal Zero Yeti 400 cost few hundred bucks which is great compared to other solar generators. Since it is noiseless and has no fumes it is perfect for indoor use. Living in an apartment and having power outages leaves no room for using regular generator. And since it is a solar powered generator, it provides totally free and clean energy.Check out the Goal Zero Yeti solar generators on Amazon

If you want to be safe for any kind of power outages having a best solar generator is a way to go. It is simple to use, with Plug & Play system. The only thing you have to worry about is weather. But since it has a built in battery it can store energy, you just need to figure out how much energy do you need. Most people think that if it is cloudy outside that solar panels are not charging. But most of people are wrong. Solar panels charge even when there are clouds, but the best charging performance is when the sky is clear. That is why we recommend adding another 20 watt solar panel to Goal Yeti 400 solar generator kit. It has three different power outputs (AC, USB and 12V). It is small and portable, and it can fit almost anywhere. But some people find it a bit overweight, it weighs around 30 pounds.

Solar generator v Standard Generator

Is there anything better than free energy? I would say no. Having a standard, fuel generator, comes with a lot of responsibility. You must refuel it and the most important thing, it can’t stay out of oil because it will stop working. Since it is charged by solar power, you don’t have to think about refiling or changing the oil because it has no motor. Think about the environment for a second. There are already too much fumes ruining the environment. With  solar powered generator there are no fumes, you can put it in your dining room and it will make no difference. Another thing we must think of is noise. Camping or just sitting near a lake is not something that should be ruined by noise produced by fuel generator. Solar powered generator produces no noise, and you can take it with anywhere and no one would notice it.

That all being said, I think that we can agree that having solar powered generator is much better than any other power source. It is clean, it is portable, there’s nothing else to it. The only think that you should consider when buying a solar generator, and that is capacity. Goal Zero Yeti has versions with 150, 400 and 1250 watts, but if you need more you might check the 5000 Watt solar power generator with 2 100 watt solar panels.

If solar generator is something what you are not looking for check our other guides and reviews in order to find the best generator for your needs. If you wish to ask us anything, please contact us or comment.