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Best Portable Generators 2017

We live in 21st century where we depend on electricity. Running refrigerators, freezers, lights and even water pumps require electricity. That is easy and something you don’t need to worry about, until something happens. The most common thing that can happen are power outages and natural disasters. That is when portable generator comes in the place. Portable power generators have many uses, like construction, camping or just living off grid. The most important thing you should look for when buying a generator is capacity. Portable generators come with different capacity, from 500 to 20 000 watts. You should pick the one based on your needs. We present you with best portable generator reviews based on their capacity.

Westinghouse WH7500E
Westinghouse WH7500E
7500 Running Watts/9000 Surge Watts
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Westinghouse WH6500E
Westinghouse WH6500E
6500 Running Watts/8000 Surge Watts
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Champion Power Equipment 76533
Champion Power Equipment 76533
3800 Running Watts/4750 Surge Watts
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WEN 56180 small portable generator
WEN 56180
1500 Running Watts/1800 Surge Watts
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You should know that portable generators have two type of capacity, surge and running capacity. is the power that appliance requires to be turned on. In some cases that amount of power can be 4 times larger than power it needs to run, which is running power. If you are in need of a generator that will provide backup power in case of any emergency, then you don’t want a generator with less than 5000 watts capacity. 5000 watts should be enough to power most of you appliances. If you are looking for generator for camping or some other outdoor activity then you should take in consideration portable generators that provide 2000 – 5000 watt capacity.

There are more things to consider when picking the best portable generator besides power. There are features that will make a portable generator easier to use. Like electronic start and low oil shutdown. Electronic start gives you the one button power up and low oil shutdown prevents generator from damaging if it runs low on oil. If you are using portable generator to supply power to you house it should also have Electric Overload protection. Since natural disasters and other emergencies can last for a few days, then the best portable generator should also be able to run for more than 9 hours with full tank.

Before we jump to reviews, there is one more thing that is crucial, a warranty. Even though most of generator manufacturers make high quality portable generators, there is nothing that can guarantee that nothing will ever happen to them. That is why the best portable generator should have at least 2 year warranty.

Westinghouse portable generator reviews

best portable generator
Best Portable Generator 2017

Westinghouse is one of the big names when it comes to building generators. Westinghouse E series come in two options. Both of them are cheap when we look at other generators with similar capacity. Westinghouse WH6500E has 6500 running watts and 8000 surge watts. That is 1500 watt surge power that will help start up most of the household appliances. His big brother WH7500E is a 7500 running watt generator that has 9000 watts surge power. Both of them are gas powered generators with tank capacity of 6.6 gallons and runtime of more than 12 hours. To be exact WH6500E can run up to 13 hours, and WH7500E can run up to 12 hours. They are both equipped with both electric and manual start as well as low oil shutdown. This generator provides features and capacity that can be found only in much more expensive portable generators and also a 3 year warranty. These generators weigh a bit more than 200lb and considering the power they provide that is not odd. They are, however, very portable and they are included with never flat wheels. Also with Pulse Pro Muffler the operating volume of this generator is only 71dB, which is very quiet.

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Westinghouse WH6500E is the perfect generator if you are looking for a generator that will be able to provide energy for your family. This is the best portable generator simply because of all its features. It is cheap, reliable and because if the 1500 surge watts it will be able to crank up any of your household appliances.

 Champion Power Equipment 76533 Review

portable generator reviews
Portable Generator

This generator is dual fuel, and that meant that it can be powered by gasoline or propane. This can come in handy is some situations. Surge power of this generator is 4750 watts and running power is 3800 watts. That is almost 1000 watts of starting power. It is EPA approved and generator. With a 3.4 gallon fuel tank it can run for up to 8 hours, and it can run 5.5 hours with 5 gallon propane tank. The weight of this generator is 199lbs, and it comes with 8 inch wheels and a foldable handles, so it is also easily portable. This generator comes with 2 year warranty. Champion dual fuel generator is equipped with voltage protection and low oil shutdown, and it is optimized to start quickly and reliably in cold weather. The operating volume of this generator is 68dB. One of the best features of this generator is Auto Idle Control. That gives you the option to reduce fuel consumption if the power is not needed. Champion 76533 has both electric and recoil start.

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If your power need don’t excess 3000 watts then this generator is perfect for you. It can run the basic appliances in case of emergency and it is also perfect for outdoor activities. Champion dual fuel generator is high quality and reliable generator that gives you two fuel options and with 1000 watts surge power it will easily start most of your appliances.

WEN 56180 Small Portable Generator Review

small portable generator
Small Portable Generator

WEN 56180 is a small portable generator that is also very cheap. With 1800 watts surge capacity and 1500 running capacity it is perfect for basic appliances and recreational activities. This is a gasoline portable generator with 1.45 gallon tank. Running time is amazing, it can run up to 7.5 hours with full tank. EPA and CARP approved, you can take this generator anywhere you go. Spark arrestor permits usage while camping in national parks. Low oil shutdown and Automatic Voltage Regulation provide the safety you need.

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WEN 56180 is light portable generator that weighs only 51lb, but it is not very quiet with operating volume of 63dB. This small portable generator is perfect little companion that can be carried around everywhere. The price of this product is a bargain. It is not the quietest generator but it will provide enough power for almost any outdoor activity.


These are the best portable generator reviews. They all offer quality, endurance and reliability. They provide more features than most of more expensive generators. But when buying a generator you need to know what your needs are, and that is crucial.

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