Best Dual Fuel Generator in 2020

Making a trip to mountains or having a power shortage, it is always better to be prepared. Running out of fuel for your generator can be really bad in some occasions.


Best Dual Fuel Generator

Making a trip to mountains or having a power shortage, it is always better to be prepared. Running out of fuel for your generator can be really bad in some occasions. There will be times when you run out of propane and you won’t be able to go get another tank. That is when reading the best dual fuel generator review comes in handy and the best generators with dual fuel is Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB. It is a generator that grants enough power with low fuel usage, and it will provide everything that a good generator should provide.

Why Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB?

There are many different generators on the market. Working on dual fuel generator review was hard, but we are sure this really is the best one. Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB has 7500 starting watts/6200 running watts (6750/5580 on propane). That is more than enough for supplying power to most parts of your household. It has a 6,6 gallons tank which is enough for 9 hours of running. It is equipped with electric start and low oil shutdown system which means you are not in danger if you forget to check the oil. Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB is perfect for emergencies, job sites and off the grid locations. This generator offers four 120-Volt 20A outlets, a 120/240 Volt 30A Twist-lock outlet, 120 Volt 30A twist-lock AC and one 12 Volt 8A DC outlet. Considering the fact that it has all of the needed outlets you know that best dual fuel generator is a fit for any location.

Dual Fuel Option

Operates on gasoline or propane(LPG)
Operates on gasoline or propane(LPG)

Since Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB is a  generator that can run on gasoline and propane. The only thing that is different between running on propane or gasoline is power output. With a full tank (6,6 gallons) it can run for 9 hours with 50% load. While running on gasoline it produces more power (7500/6200) but it also produces more noise. When running on propane it is much quieter but it produces less power. It can run for 7-8 hours with a 20lb propane cylinder. This gives you economic or powerful mode that you can use as you see fit. It has air cooled which usually lasts longer than normal motors. The wheels are included so you can move it where ever you want. One of the best things about this generator is that it has overload protection so it protects both the generator and also you appliances.

This generator is a bit heavy, weighing a bit more than 180 pounds. But it is not meant to be moved that much around and it has 10 inch wheels so that is that big issue. While on full load it is not that loud (around 72dB noise level). If you want a quieter generator feel free to check out Best Quiet Portable Generator guide. Considering other similar generators, Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB has the best price compare to power output. But, if we consider the fact that it can power the whole house, spending few hundred bucks is not that much. Click here to check out Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB on Amazon!

The main thing you need to think about when buying a generator is what you need it for. If you have a medium/big house, and you want to have power in case of all kind of power outages, natural disasters etc. you will want to check Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB.

If this dual fuel generator review is not for you, feel free to check out our guides and reviews for more information.