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If you are looking for cheap generators then you must know few things. A generator can be cheap but that does not mean that it’s not high quality. There are a number of generator manufacturers that are trusted and they provide us with cheap portable generators. They will provide the power they promise, but how much of it do you need that is up to you. But if you think that finding the cheapest generator is for you, we present you with two cheap portable generators reviews.

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Durostar DS4000S – You Get More Than What You Pay For

Best generator
Best Cheap Generator

This generator cost only few hundred bucks. And for that price you can’t get more. It produces 3300 running watts of power. That amount of power should be enough for most of uses. With 3300 watts you can power most of you household appliances. It is not the lightest generator, weighing a little less than 100 lb. It is gasoline powered generator with 4 gallon fuel tank. With fuel tank it can run for up to 8 hours which is good, considering the amount of power it produces. Operational volume of this generator is 69dB, which is a bit loud, but there is no point in standing 2 feet near it. It is perfect for house use. Just putting it in a shed should be enough to keep it quiet. Keep in mind that this generator is not . So you can’t take it to California. Durostar DS4000S is equipped with low oil warning light, volt meter, circuit breaker and low oil shutdown. It is RV ready, it has 120V 30-amp twist-lock outlet. Along with that it has 2 120V, 20-amp, 3-prong outlets. The best thing about this generator is that is inexpensive. Combine that with easy operation and you get a perfect cheap generator.

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Downsides of this generator are not important to most users, but we are going to mention them for sake of this review. Oil changing, the interval of oil change is 20 hours. So you would need to change the oil every third time you refuel it. There is no watt or amp meter, there is only volt meter, why? If I could tell you one thing about this generator I would say that you get more than you pay for. Simply because it give more power than most of the generators that cost two times more.

WEN 56180 – Cheap Portable Generators

small portable generator
Cheap portable generator

There are not many cheap generators. But this one is the cheapest. It is a gasoline powered generator with a 1.45 gallon gas tank. Running power of this generator is 1500 watts and
with full tank it can run up to 7 hours. Your power needs should be considered before buying any generator, not only this one. It is inexpensive and will provide you with basic amount of power. That amount of power should be enough for supplying power for basic appliances. This generator is CARB compliant, so there are no limits where you can take it with you. It is equipped with Automatic Voltage Regulation, fuel gauge and low oil shutdown. Since the power output is not that big, this generator is also not that noisy. Operating volume of this generator is just 63dB. It’s also not that heavy, it weighs only 51lb so it is also very portable generator.

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This generator is not RV ready, it does not have RV outlet. Low oil shutdown prevents the damage on OHV engine and the spark arrestor permits usage while spending time in forests and national parks.


Both of these cheap generators are good. One would expect that they are bad because they are cheap. But there is nothing wrong with them. Yeah Durostar DS4000S is a bit heavy and not that portable but when you consider the fact that you get more than 3000 watts for few hundred bucks, it is well worth it. Anyway, there are wheels that you can attach to it so you can move it anywhere with you. If you want quieter cheap generator, then WEN is right for you. It is small, CARB and EPA compliant, and spark arrestor makes it safe for camping. Getting either of these generators will be a good investment.

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If you want the quietest generator, or one for other use, with more power maybe, feel free to check out our other reviews and guides. If there is something you wish to ask us, comment or use the contact page.

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