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Whole house generators

Whole House Generator

Whole house generators are the best way to be safe from any kind of power loss. The best way to make sure you’re ready for everything is to prepare. There’s the old saying “one is none, two is one.” It’s easy to rely on modern appliances, but what happens when they fail? Generac house generators should be mandatory equipment for everyone. People often don’t realize what they need until it’s too late. Once it’s too late, they can’t do anything about their situation. Owning Generac standby generator ensures you that you have the best whole house generator.

In an emergency, it’s always best to have as many backup systems as possible. We take electricity for granted, always flipping a switch and it comes on immediately. What happens when the power goes out? People don’t understand how much of their house is powered by electricity. Even people who have access to alternative means of heating like wood pellet stoves are reliant upon electricity. If they don’t have a house generator like a Generac, they can’t heat their house. A large generator such as one of the Generac standby house generators can do much more than power your heating system. It can give you access to all of your electrical devices. Cell phones are great during a power outage emergency, but not with a flat battery. If the power goes out, so does your refrigerator. That means hundreds of dollars of food that goes bad. Most people have a few candles, but they are more often used for ambiance rather than relying upon them for light. Your lamps and other lighting systems need energy to function. A generator can provide all of that and more to make sure that you’re comfortable 365 days a year, not just when the weather is good.

Standby Generator Size

The current most popular type of generator is a portable generator. They can generate a small amount of wattage for a smaller footprint. Portable generators can be adequate for smaller jobs that don’t require a large amount of power. In the digital age we are reliant upon our computer systems for work, cell phones for communications and our televisions for entertainment. When you add more people and a larger house, we need a larger generator to produce more power. When you have a house full of people the only type of generator that will get the job done is one that is designed for the whole house. Choosing the best house generator can be a daunting task, as there are so many possibilities.

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First is the size. These generators can produce thousands of watts, allowing you to power your whole house. When determining wattage it is important to look at the manufacturer specs for your individual appliances. Some microwaves can use different amounts, for example. Once you’ve determined how much wattage is required for your house, the real fun starts of choosing from a range of models. Generac house generators are absolutely among the top reviewed of the whole house generator category.

Gas vs Natural Gas Generators

Choosing the type of fuel is the next most important consideration. Gas house generators have the type of fuel that is most abundant. Because of the availability of gasoline, it makes it a common choice. However, gasoline does not store well, and it must be run every once in awhile to make sure that the gas doesn’t go bad.

whole house generators
Whole House Generator

in the picture:Generac 5734, 15000 Running Watts/22500 Starting Watts

is much more common when creating an outside standby whole house generator. This is because it is still fairly common and can be purchased or piped in easily. Natural gas is also much safer and less likely to cause an explosion. Some Generac whole house generators are designed so safely that they can be installed just 18” away from a house. This is important because other whole house generators may need to be installed further away, creating an eyesore. Natural gas is a no-brainer when choosing the best whole house generator.

Standby Whole House Generators

whole house generators
Standby Whole House Generator

One of the best features of having a house generator that is permanently fixed on location is that you don’t have to do anything once the power is out. The generator senses that the power is out and automatically comes on. With a different model it is required to bring it outside (very important to minimize your exposure to harmful fumes). That means heading out into the horrible weather that knocked out the power in the first place. After getting outside and pulling on the start cord, you’ve got to get it all hooked up to power your house. That hassle is a thing of the past if you’re using one of the Generac  generators that is absolutely one of the best whole house generators available.

in the picture: Generac 6461 Guardian Series, 16kW Air Cooled Standby Generator

You’ll notice that the power goes out, but so does your generator. Then the generator will turn on by itself and immediately begin powering your whole house. No spoiled food from a refrigerator that lost power. That means peace of mind, even when on vacation. If you leave and there is flooding that turns out the power, your whole basement would fill with water, leaving priceless family heirlooms destroyed. Even if you’ve got a sump pump to prevent such a catastrophe, it needs electricity. Backup systems that require you being there are destined to fail someday when you need them most. Instead, put your trust in a system that even tests itself to make sure that everything is in working order.

Whole House Generator Review

It’s important to do as much research as you can when deciding on which is the best whole house generator system. Reading a whole house generator review is the best way to get a handle on the information. Hopefully this article has got you thinking about all the possible scenarios that could be solved by having the best generator at your disposal. It is a significant investment, and one that protects many aspects of your life. If you need help deciding on what is going to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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