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Best Solar Powered Generator

Is there anything better than free energy? If you think yes, you are wrong. The only thing better than free energy is free energy you can take with you anywhere you go. That is where our best solar generator reviews will help you out. A solar-powered generator is a generator that can be charged with solar power. People tend to think that you need a clear sky in order to harvest solar power. But most people are wrong. Modern solar panels are made with new technology and they can collect the energy of the sun even when the sky is cloudy.

In this age, where there is a great concern about the depletion of the earth’s natural resources, the only answer to this is renewable sources of energy. Solar power is one such source of renewable energy. The generators function on solar power and provide electricity for various purposes. Over the years, with improvements in technology and improvisation, there have been a lot of changes in solar power generators. Modern portable solar generators can even work, in the absence of a clear sky. It no longer matters what the weather is, thanks to new and improved technology. You might think that this kind of generator is not for you, but hold on…read our best solar generator reviews first, and judge later.

Why you should pick solar generator?

best solar generator reviews
Best Solar Generator Reviews

We need to think about the future of planet Earth. Getting a solar power generator is the best thing we can do for the environment. There are no fumes and the energy is clean. Since solar panel technology is advancing there is no need for fields of solar panels. There are panels that are small yet powerful enough to charge most of our necessary appliances. There is a variety of solar panels on the market and when choosing one that is best for you, you should see what your energy needs are.

A solar generator is perfect if you live in an apartment and you want to have a backup energy source in case of power outages. There are no fumes or noise with them. Standard generators are something you do not want indoors, and if you set up your generator in your home, you won’t even notice it. They are also perfect for camping or just going off the grid. With a solar power generator, you can go camping where ever you want and you can enjoy silence and peace while having the power to charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. For those that are looking to live off-grid, there are also “bigger” ones that are able to power the most important appliance in your household.

A solar-powered generator is basically a power pack that can be charged with solar power. In order for it to be charged, they need solar panels. Capacity can vary. There are ones with 150-watt capacity and there are some with 5000-watt capacity. Portable solar panels come with a capacity of 20 watts to 100 watts of power. Portable solar panels’ capacity is determined by their size, the biggest ones have the most capacity. But even the big ones are very portable and often they have a stand.

Portable solar generator reviews

Goal Zero is one of the leading manufacturers of solar-powered generators and portable solar panels. Goal Zero Yeti comes in three versions, with 80 watts, 300 watts, and 1250 watts. Goal Zero Yeti is available on its own and also in a kit with portable solar panels. They can also be charged from the wall, so you can take one with a full battery with you anywhere you go and recharge it on the go. These are our main Goal Zero solar generator reviews.

Goal Zero Yeti 150

solar powered generator
Solar Powered Generator

This is the best solar generator for the price with a capacity of 150 watts. Weighing only 13lb, it is light and very portable and it is available with Nomad 20 watt solar panel. Since most people find 20 watts not enough. It comes with an AC port, 2 USB ports, and 2 12 Ports. This solar kit is like a small powerhouse, perfect for charging your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or just keeping the lights up while camping. Click here to check Goal Zero 150 Yeti on Amazon!

Goal Zero Yeti 400

solar generator
Solar Generator Kit

This small portable solar generator has a 300-watt capacity. The kit includes Nomad 20 watt solar panel, but for this generator, it is a better option to get at least two of these portable solar panels. The weight of this generator is 29 pounds which is not that heavy, but it has a nice handle so it is easy to transport. With 300 watts you can easily power your CPAP machines and TVs anywhere you go. It is equipped with 2 USB, 2 AC, and 3 12V outlets. This portable generator is perfect for camping. It charges fast and it is enough for basic things you need while camping. Click here to check Goal Zero Yeti 400 on Amazon!

Goal Zero Yeti 1250

Best Solar Generator
Best Solar Generator

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 is 1250 watt, big boy. The weight of this solar-powered generator is 109 pounds. A bit heavy, isn’t it? But it has a rolling cart included, making it very portable. This generator can power most of the important appliances like refrigerators and freezers. It is also perfect for indoor construction since it makes no noise or fumes. There are many kits available, and this generator has enough power for almost any need. You can check them here. Goal Zero Yeti 1250 is equipped with 3 AC, 3 USB, 3 DC, and an Anderson Powerpole outlet. With the option of chaining, it can be connected with another Goal Zero Yeti 1250. The maximum input power is 240 watts. The standard kit includes two Boulder 30 watt portable solar panels. For this generator, we recommend going for at least a 100-watt solar panel. Click here to check Goal Zero Yeti 1250 on Amazon!

Renogy KIT-FireFly All in one generator kit

portable solar generator
Portable Solar Generator

If your idea of a portable solar generator is something that is in one piece, then Renogy Firefly is the right thing for you. It is designed for off-grid applications and for emergencies. This is a combination of two Renogy 10W solar panels and a 150W power inverter. All of that is fitted in a robust, waterproof suitcase weighing only 12 pounds. This is a simple plug-and-play system and you have the option to add more solar panels to it. Kit-Firefly is equipped with one AC, two 12 cigarette sockets, and two USB outputs. The best feature about this generator is its ease of use. There is an LCD display with various information like battery capacity, errors, and DC/AC load on/off. Also, there are output buttons that allow easy switching between the two output modes. This generator is perfect for camping, emergency backup power, and recharging basic electronics under 150 watts. Click here to check Renogy KIT-Firefly on Amazon!

RAVPower 15W Solar Charger

portable solar panels
Portable Solar Charger

This is not a generator, but for the sake of promoting solar power, we had to give credit to this little fella. RAVPower is a solar charger. iSmart charging technology provides the fastest charging speed for any of your devices like smartphones or tablets. Very easy to carry around. It is foldable design, water, and dust-resistant. Equipped with 2 USB outputs it gives you the option of charging two devices at the same time. This is something great if you are looking for a cheap way to get free solar energy. Click here to check RAVPower on Amazon!

Monerator’s Gusto solar generator reviews

Apart from the Goal Yeti, there are other solar-powered generators available in the market too, like this one, the Moderator’s Gusto 10 and Gusto 20.

Click here to check Monerator’s Gusto generators on Amazon!

These come in the shape of suitcases in bright yellow colors, delivering 128Wh and 265Wh respectively. Indoors/outdoors are suitable on both occasions. The Moderator Gusto series is available in four different models.

They are available as Gusto 10 and Gusto 20 power banks. Then there is the kit variety of them along with a unit of 10w solar panel with each. There\are different options designed according to one’s budget and power needs. That said, if you are already in the possession of a solar panel, then it is advisable to go in for just a Gusto power bank to avoid a rather pricey Gusto solar kit.

With respect to the specs, the Gusto portable solar-powered generators are nothing new. They are just like the other ones available in the market. The power banks can be charged from solar or AC outlets or even car chargers. The special feature is that they are designed for two specific ranges- Gusto 10 is the low-end one and Gusto 20 is the top-end. The Gusto 10 features a 40Ah lifePo4 battery and is a 128Wh machine while Gusto 20 is a 256Wh generator with a battery of 80Ah. As per the weight, the top end weighs 7.1 pounds while the other one weighs 4.9 pounds.

The fact that they come in as multiple variants with different power and storage options makes them great. They are designed in such a way to meet the power needs wisely without compromising on the technology. Both the high-end and the low-end are designed keeping in mind the various power requirements of users.

The design is very handy and extremely portable. The color packs in a nice punch and the overall layout are stylish too.

These are perfect for camping and also work very well as a survival kit. Their output and storage capacity makes them brilliant for use in all types of off-grid power needs. An added advantage is that if one goes for Gusto solar kits, then the solar panel is also included in the bundle. But there is one sore spot with the Gusto solar generators. They lack an AC socket. However, they support AC power which enables you to charge your essential devices.

Need more reasons to buy portable solar generator ?

Keeping in mind the current condition of the environment, the solar-powered generator is the best solution. It does not emit fumes which would have contributed to the global warming effect. It uses a clean source of energy. Our best solar generator reviews cover the best solar-powered generators on the market.

With the increase in the technological advancement in solar-powered generators, there is no longer any need for vast and extensive fields solely devoted to the generation of solar power. Now they come in panels, small enough yet potent enough to provide sufficient energy to charge most of the basic appliances.

There is indeed a lot of options to choose from, and one should decide depending on their energy needs. Solar-powered generators are perfect for apartments, since there are neither any fumes associated with them, nor does it make any noise.

No matter what the weather is, you do not have to be worried about the same as these panels can store energy for a long duration of time and help in the lighting up of the appliances. Each and every one of the appliances and be used with the use of the solar panels – and environment friendly is just an added benefit.

Every individual who has the guilt of using more power than necessary can now live in a guilt-free mode with the help of all these solar-paneled generators. After all, solar energy is something that will keep on replenishing itself and there is a factor of sustainable development imprecated in it as well.

The capacity of a portable solar panel is determined by its size. But even the bigger ones come equipped with a stand so that there is no issue in taking it around. With the development of portable solar-powered generators, it has become possible to provide power even in the remotest of places, where building an electricity line is not possible.


After reading this comprehensive list of the various types of solar-powered generators, you can decide with ease which one is the right one for you. Solar energy is cheap, pure, and does not generate toxic by-products. It is renewable and does not pose any threat to the ecosystem. With the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, it is high time that we take steps to reduce further emissions of toxic pollutants and steer our energy towards the generation of clean and renewable sources of power.

Renewable sources of energy are the next big thing and efforts have to be made to properly tap it since they represent a potential mine-field of opportunities. In the coming years, the non-renewable energy sources will be exhausted and mankind will have to fall back on other sources of energy if they intend to survive. Solar power generators are easy to use, can be carried anywhere, and are charged whenever required.

With innovations in modern technology, a lot has improved and now there are a lot of devices that work on the energy generated by solar power. Even posh hotels and other places have solar panels fitted on the rooftop to tap valuable solar energy to provide clean and free power sources.

Unlike traditional modes of energy, portable solar generators are ideal to be used in off-grid locations or for outdoor activities. You need to charge the solar panels adequately and then rest easy knowing that you have an alternate source of power to charge your devices even in the absence of electricity in the middle of woods or on a hilltop.

There is nothing better than free and clean sources of energy. Solar power is exactly that. This along with other forms of renewable energy is the answer to the emerging energy crisis in the world. In the wake of global warming and the melting of ice caps, we have to think twice before further exhausting the earth’s resources and rather work towards providing a renewable source of energy for all our activities for sustainable living.

With heavy-duty solar-powered generators, it is possible to provide enough power to charge all major appliances. With the variety of sizes and flexibility in meeting the demands of power requirements, a portable solar generator is the best thing ever.

So even when the entire locality is reeling under the effect of a pretty bad thunderstorm and hence power cut, your house can be all lighted up with your devices on full power because of portable solar generators. When one thinks of the possibility of this new renewable source of energy, the field is vast and further improvements will only make it more capable of meeting power requirements.

While it may be difficult to choose from a large number of solar-powered generators available in the markets, this comprehensive list will help you in deciding which device to opt for and why. Solar generators have invaded the market in recent years and taken some load off from the traditional sources of power thus making it easy for the transformation to a clean and green source of power.

Since you read our portable solar battery pack reviews you now know what generator is for you. There is nothing better than solar energy. It is free, clean, and quiet. You can get any of these generators and add some portable solar panels. Harvesting of energy.

You can replace any of your power supplies with a solar power generator. They are much better than standard fuel generators in many ways, and the most important reason is that when you buy a solar generator you can get as much free energy as you want. We hope that our best portable solar generator reviews helped you out to pick the best one for your needs.

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If you think that this generator does not fit your needs, then you should check out our other guides and reviews. For any information, feel free to contact us.

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