Best Inverter Generator Reviews In 2017

best inverter generator reviews

Best inverter generator reviews in 2017

Finding a generator that will produce enough power and have efficient fuel consumption is not that easy. But for that we have generators that have inverter technology. Generators produce high voltage AC power. And the AC power is then converted to DC and again to AC by the inverter. That way inverter cleans the power and make it high quality. The entire process is controlled by microprocessors. Inverter provides clean and good quality power that can power even the most sensitive electronics. If you need that kind of power, then you should check our reviews.

stackable inverter generator
Champion 73536i Stackable
1700 Running Watts/2000 Surge Watts
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best inverter generator
Honda EU2000I
1600 Running Watts/2000 Surge Watts
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Champion 75531i
2800 Running Watts/3100 Surge Watts
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In the next part we will review two amazing generators with . One of them is Honda EU2000I and the second one is Champion 75531i. These are both generators with great quality. They both have Economy mode, which automatically idles motor when load is reduced and by that it saves fuel and reduces noise. These generators are not that noisy. They produce less than 60dB while running. That is perfect for people that want a generator that is quiet. We can say that they are not for big appliances, but what you need it for that is totally up to you. Check our inverter generator reviews to find the one that suits your needs.

Honda EU2000i Portable Generator Review

best inverter generator
Best Inverter Generator

Honda is one of the leading manufacturers of all kind of motors. It is a brand well know, and it will provide the quality and amazing performance. EU2000i is generator with inverter technology that has capacity of 2000 watts and 1600 running watts. Honda is famous with their inverter technology. This generator will produce high quality energy that is similar to the power that you get from your home outlets. It is very light, weighing only 46 lbs. It has less than a gallon fuel tank, but thanks to the Eco-throttle it can run up to 8 hours, which is amazing. Eco-throttle or Economy mode, allows the generator to reduce motors RPM in order to provide the power only for the appliances in use. This is amazing feature and thanks to that the fuel consumption is reduced up to 40% and runtime is up to 8 hours. Consider that it can run up to 8 hours with less than a gallon of fuel it nothing less than amazing. Honda EU2000i is also very quiet. It operates at volume of 59dB.Click here to check Honda EU2000i on Amazon!

We can all agree that it is great generator, but some users require more than 1600 watts for their needs. But Honda thinks of everything. Honda EU2000i has parallel capability. That means that it can be paired to another unit of the same size, which results in double power output, in this case 3200 watts of running power. It is CARB compliant and EPA approved, so you can take it where ever you need it.

Champion Power Equipment 75531i Review

Inverter generator reviews
Best Inverter generator reviews 2017

Champion generators are one of the most reliable generators on the market. Champion 75531i is a bit stronger generator and it produces 3100 starting and 2800 running watts. It is a bit heavier than Honda EU2000i and it weighs 80 lbs. But it has built in handle and flat wheels so it is easy for transportation. It is gasoline powered and it has a 1.59 gallon fuel tank. One of his features is Economy mode and with it, the runtime can be up to 8 hours. As Honda it is also very quiet generator with operating volume at 58dB (at 23 feet). Champion 3100 watt generator is equipped with inverter technology. True sine wave technology makes it perfect for sensitive electronics. This generator is much better if you need more power. This generator alone replaces two Honda EU2000i generators.

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It is also RV ready, it has 120 Volt RV outlet (30 Amp). With the feature of low oil shutdown and OHV engine you can be sure that it will last long. It is also CARB approved so you can take it with you in all 50 states. With inverter technology, there is also over voltage protection and that means that you sensitive appliances will be safe while charging.


Considering what we said in reviews we can be sure that both of these generators are amazing. They are both easy to use, very portable and have similar price. With low fuel consumption, and Economy mode the both of them deserve the title of the best inverter generator. It is only up to you to decide what fits your needs. Buying a generator is like buying a car, you should buy one based on your needs. Champion 3100 watt generator is much better if you don’t want to hassle with 2 generators, but it is also heavier. Getting either of these generators will provide you with the best inverter generator.

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If these generators don’t fit your needs, feel free to check our other guides and reviews. We are sure we can help you in picking the best one for you. If you have any questions for us, feel free to contact us.